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Top 10 Etiquette Tips for a Successful Remote Deposition

Remote-Deposition-Court-Reporting (1)
  1. Know the jurisdiction’s current rules and, if necessary stipulate on record to waive the requirement for in-person oath taking.
  2. Provide the agency/court reporter with the electronic exhibits ahead of time.
  3. Organize your files and documents ahead of time, so you are not flipping through papers (loudly) at deposition time.
  4. For video feeds — dress professionally, maintain a clutter-free background and control non-verbal reactions to testimony.
  5. Minimize background noise the audio might pick up, by turning off any televisions or radios.
  6. Ensure you are prepared prior to start time with the right dial in and access information.
  7. Join the deposition at least 10 minutes early to ensure there are no technical issues on your end.
  8. Utilize your handset instead of the speaker to ensure the best quality sound when questioning.
  9. Speak loudly and clearly into the phone, and always mute yourself when not questioning.
  10. Identify yourself each time you begin speaking, to ensure an accurate record.
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