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Our premier custom records collection, management and online distribution service — trusted across the nation.

MRR was built to support the needs of large document cases and complex, multi-party litigation. Whether you are serving the defense or the plaintiff, we will customize record collection services to meet your legal team’s exact needs.

Experience & Dedication

When you partner with Evans Reporting, you will be greeted by a professional records team, dedicated to delivering the highest standard of customer service. Our records team consists of records experts with years of experience in all aspects of the legal field.

Cost Effective

Stop the fear of unknown costs or fees. Our all-inclusive fee structure allows you to know our costs upfront and easily manage your budget based on our all-inclusive fee estimate. With MyRecordsRetrieval™, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

  • Provider fee prepayment
  • Cost-savings solutions
  • Cost sharing platform

The Power of Evans Reporting

Say goodbye to missed deadlines! Our MRR team has an astounding, industry-leading average turnaround time and will handle the entire record process from request to delivery.

Secure. Available 24/7

MyRecordsRetrieval™ is dedicated to providing clients with a secure portal to submit, access and store HIPAA sensitive documents. You can easily access your records and track your requests 24/7 from any device via our easy-to-navigate online portal. Records will always be 100% digital and fully OCR’d. We utilize the highest levels of security standards encrypting data with a 256-bit key algorithm. This assures your information is kept confidential at all times.

  • Easy online access
  • 24/7 Security
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliance

Any Record Type. Anywhere.

Collecting all types of records: medical, billing, unemployment, military, tax, union, Social Security earnings, disability and everything in between. Our nationwide reach allows us to collect records anywhere in the world.

  • Easily request collection using our rapid record order form
  • Instant online access to records and statuses 24/7
  • Nationwide provider database

Additional Services

Indexing and Organization

Need to find a specific part of the record quickly? Our systematic process for organizing and indexing records can save your team a vast amount of time and effort when searching for information.

Subpoena Preparation Service

MyRecordsRetrieval™ has the available resources to handle the entire subpoena process from preparation to service. Just think how you can reallocate that time to other aspects of your case.

Custom API

Get your records faster and easier than ever! The MyRecordsRetrieval™ platform was designed to be simple, intuitive and connect directly with most case management systems. Ask us about how you can integrate directly with MyRecordsRetrieval through our custom API.

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