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Easy Ways to Celebrate your Teammates While Working Remotely

Excited woman looking at laptop screen, receiving good unexpected news

In the last month, many of us have found ourselves navigating a new world by working from home.  Amidst juggling technology challenges, workloads, teaching our little ones, and figuring out how to get our groceries delivered — maintaining connection with our co-workers can provide much needed balance and motivation.

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, here are some tips and tricks to connecting with and celebrating team members during this ever-evolving time in a remote world.


  • Be social. Schedule a remote video call or teleconference with your department.  Go beyond “just work” to talk about how everyone is doing, share the best and most challenging parts about working from home — or even play a game.
  • Praise publicly. Whether it be a shout-out, meme, or email, it is specific recognition for hard work or accomplishments that count.
  • Ditch the email. Occasionally opting for a short phone conversation or Facetime helps us reconnect with co-workers more than texts or email.


Remember birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because” moments and make them known! Being out-of-the office can make it easy to overlook, so remember to recognize the special days.

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